Viewer Picks | 19 Confessions Made By People Who Were Raised By Millionaires
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19 Confessions Made By People Who Were Raised By Millionaires

I think it’s fair to say that most of us fantasise about being millionaires. We all know that money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it doesn’t hurt. Knowing that you will never have to worry about the rent, bills, or whether you can afford to go away this year, sounds like paradise.

But things aren’t always easy for those born into money. It wasn’t their choice to be so privileged, yet any complaints they have are ones we are likely not going to be too sympathetic too. So when this stuff comes out, it has to be confessional. Whisper have collected some of these confessions, for all of us to see how the 1% lives.

1. Helping others

“My parents are millionaires. Sometimes I feel like in activist groups, my opinion won’t be taken seriously because of my privilege.”


2. Keeping it on the down low

“Just because I don’t own a ton of designer clothes and jewellery, doesn’t mean I don’t have money. My parents are millionaires. I just choose not to flaunt it.”

3. Money doesn’t buy happiness

“My family is composed of millionaires. I have never met a more miserable group of people in my life.”

4. Saving where you can

“People assume I’m poor cause I have two jobs and shop at thrift stores but what they don’t know is my parents are millionaires.”

5. Looking for escape

“My parents are millionaires. I can’t wait to move away from the money.”

6. Serving their country

“My parents are millionaires but I’d rather make my own mark on the world so I’m joining the Marines.”

7. Private wealth

“My parents are millionaires and have several mansions but only my girlfriends ever find out. I’m humble and like to earn my own money.”

8. Looking for a true connection

“Nobody knows my parents are millionaires so I can find a friend for being who I am not for what I have!”

9. Bargain chasing

“My parents are millionaires but they get pleasure from buying reduced items from the supermarket.”

10. The solution to everything

“My parents are millionaires that throw money at their problems. I’m a problem.”

11. Budgeting

“My parents are millionaires but when I was at university I lived off a monthly budget of £200 just to fit in with everyone else. My parents offered me an allowance of £600 a week.”

12. Parents just don’t understand

“My parents are millionaires, but they don’t get that I don’t want their gifts and money.”

13. Name-calling

“People call me a spoiled brat because my parents are millionaires and I hate it.”

14. Choosing their own path

“My parents are millionaires and did everything so I could finish the best of the class. Now I opened my own gym instead of helping in the family business. Am I a bad person?”

15. Owning it

“I’m not sorry or ashamed that my parents are millionaires, or that I enjoy their money.”


16. Not always there to help

“My parents are millionaires, and I’m tens of thousands in debt. Funny how that works.”


17. Money doesn’t solve everything

“My parents are millionaires and I’ve been told I’ve been blessed with amazing looks, but I struggle with body image, PTSD, depression, anxiety, anorexia, abusive, self-harm. It’s not all fun and games.”

18. More money, more problems

“Believe me millionaires are not fun all they do is worry about money and buying things yes I will say that because my parents are millionaires.”

19. Want to see the world

“My family are millionaires back home. They wanted me to stay and manage the business … but I left to study social work and to travel the world someday. They think I’m crazy.”

It’s hard to empathize at first, but at the end of the day – millionaires do have problems too. I will say, however, if anyone out there reading this is weighed down by their stacks of money, I will be happy to help them out.

But there are still plenty of things catered to their whims. For instance, did you know that Tinder has released a secret app for the hot, rich and famous?

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